Accenture Latvia

Professional services / Consulting / Technology and operations / IT

The Challenge:

ACCENTURE is a multinational professional services company that is serving clients in more than 200 cities in 120 countries. ACCENTURE LATVIA is a branch with 79mln EUR annual turnover and over 1600 employees located in 3 offices in Riga. ACCENTURE LATVIA is well known for its high value-added services and services that include application of new technologies. In this Accenture is leading by example by being innovative and efficient across all areas. The company has 3 different offices located in 3 different buildings. Two of three are newly built and equipped with advanced BMS systems that provide monitoring and modification capabilities for internal energy consumption. The third building is a historic monument, which for conservation purposes, has not undergone major modernization of the ventilation system. When ACCENTURE compared electricity consumption of their offices, the electrical consumption in the historic building turned out to be significantly higher, but it was not clear why.


AdvanGrid assessed the situation at the building and recommended GridMate as the best fit for monitoring consumption in combination with a cloud based monitoring platform. Monitoring devices were installed on ventilation systems across different floors of the building and also on the incoming electricity grid.


Cost reduction: With the help of 9 GridMate sensors, ACCENTURE managed to understand the working principles of the ventilation system, which revealed that it is also operated outside the company’s working hours - at night and on weekends, wasting electricity. After the settings of ventilation system were modified, the company achieved significant cost reductions.

Control over consumption: At the moment, a schedule for ventilation system operations has been developed together with the facility manager, and to prevent human error, AdvanGrid EMS is also set to send warnings via SMS and e-mail, if outside the regular business hours electrical consumption exceeds the limit. Thus preventing the situation from recurring.

Further efficiency gains: With AdvanGrid EMS, ACCENTURE continues to monitor various electricity consumers to determine their efficiency and effectiveness. These innovative solutions enable them to be leaders in energy efficiency field as well.