Glass industry / Glass processing / Manufacturing

The Challenge:

With an annual turnover of 5mln EUR and over 80 employees Transparence is the largest glass processing manufacturer in Latvia, which has been operating since 2003, exporting the majority of its products. The technology offered by the company for the processing of glass allows to execute full spectrum of orders – Transparence manufactures insulating glass, gaskets, performs water-jet cutting, as well as processing of all types of glass, offering decorative, tinted, heat-insulating, solar-refractory, fireproof, laminated and other types of glazing. To offer such a wide range of glass products, the company needs variety of technological equipment that consumes a significant amount of energy. As electricity bills kept rising, Transparence wanted to understand whether there was a way to operate more efficiently and save money by reducing electricity consum


AdvanGrid assessed the situation at the plant and consulted with the plant's energy specialists until a solution was found. Number of GridLink devices were deployed on different production and processing units. Monitoring took place for a certain period of time, allowing factory energy specialists to understand consumption of each unit, and showing equipment usage efficiency. Transparence factory personnel were trained to install and dismantle monitoring devices by themselves, allowing them to monitor other production units or different consumers. Due to the ease of installation and retrofitability feature of the GridLink device, it could be done easily and without the need to switch off the production line.


Within a few days of installing the AdvanGrid equipment, wasteful power consumption was discovered - unnecessary operation of equipment at night, defects of production equipment, inefficiency of lighting system.

Reduction of electricity costs: By replacing inefficient lighting alone, the company achieved savings of € 7,200 in 12 months. Electricity consumption at night and on weekends was decreased by 30% as a result of repairs and reconfiguration of the production line.

Improved development planning: Management of the company had the opportunity to accurately assess current and planned electricity consumption and costs, which allowed to make the right decisions for the improvement of power supply. A third, most relevant transformer was chosen and installed.

Streamlined operations: AdvanGrid EMS provide Transparence production manager with the ability to better control production processes and eliminate a variety of factory-critical human factor issues.